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Research paper help: Citing And Referencing Basics

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To ensure you receive proper credit for work completed you should review basic details on citing and referencing sources. This aspect is important as you need to give proper credit to sources that provided information for you toward writing your paper. Leaving out details or misspelling content can lead to lower scores or risk of being accused of plagiarism. The following points are a few things to review when understanding how to reference and cite sources correctly.

  • Follow guidelines carefully for your research paper. Your guidelines will help you understand how to write your paper correctly. There may be specific instructions on how to cite sources. You may find tips and additional advice on how to reference and cite your sources.
  • Make sure names, titles, and other details pertaining to resources are listed correctly. You can lose credibility when you leave out information or if you fail to double check spelling. Pay attention to internet sources and how they should be displayed. There are samples you can find online that will detail how to list such content and how to use proper punctuation.
  • Review tips on how to make citations for your paper correctly through tutorials and academic handbooks. There are times you need to study examples provided to understand what you expected to create on your own. There are visual samples with step by step instruction on where your content should be placed, how it should be spaced, and other related content.
  • Compare samples of what you should and should not do when citing and referencing sources.
  • APA is most often used for formatting. Refer to the manual for this formatting style for additional sources. Keep in mind certain pieces of information may be displayed differently. For example, author names of books may be inverted with the last name written first. List of references are alphabetically displayed and written content completed by the same author may be listed in chronological order with the earliest first.

Additional Tips for Citing and Referencing

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It helps to read over formatting requirements before you get started writing. When citing and referencing materials using a specific formatting style such as APA, you need to pay attention to each type of source you use including print and electronic types as each may follow different rules. In an effort to adhere to all citation requirements, you can get assistance from a research paper writing service. Tables and figures may have a certain format as well to help readers follow through with the content.


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