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Creating A Term Paper About Healthy Lifestyle: 4 Helpful Tips

Healthy lifestyles have become a matter of increasing concern for many people. Modern lifestyles in many Western countries aren’t necessarily conducive to proper health, and poor lifestyles and habits often begin to take their toll in the second half of a person’s life. The impact of lifestyle choices on people’s overall health has become an area of extensive academic research and public discourse, making it fertile ground for finding a topic for a term paper. The effects of things like obesity, smoking, alcohol use, and drug use are widely researched and discussed, so there are many sources that you can find to use as material to create a successful paper. Here are some helpful tips for writing your term paper about healthy lifestyles.

Do proper research first. Health is extremely important to many people, so it’s fertile ground for marketers trying to sell dubious products. From advertisement websites to clickbait “news” sites, there’s a lot of poorly substantiated, dubious health content circulating online and in print. This means it’s important for you to do a lot of research before you start writing your term paper. The best places to find information are peer-reviewed academic papers about topics like medical implications of lifestyle choices, or sociological examinations of how and why people choose a healthy lifestyle. Make sure to fact-check all of your information.

Choose a narrower subtopic. “Healthy lifestyle” is a broad topic, so you’ll probably want to narrow it down for the average term paper. There are many things to write about beneath the “healthy lifestyle” umbrella. One of the biggest current topics in health is the obesity epidemic, which has many causes that are largely behavioral and lifestyle-related. You could also write about smoking, drug use, and other lifestyle choices that may have health consequences.

Consider that “healthy lifestyles” include mental health. People usually associate a “healthy lifestyle” with exercise, proper diet, and avoiding harmful substances like tobacco, but mental health is just as important. Stress, anxiety, depression, and other psychological concerns have physical effects as well as mental effects, and an examination of health should include factors like work stress that impact mental health.

Consider addressing social factors associated with healthy lifestyles. Social factors like socioeconomic status and income level correlate with health, and with choices that impact a person’s health. This is worth examining in a term paper, especially if you’re writing it for a class dealing with the social sciences.


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