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Picking Solid Social Psychology Term Paper Topics

Psychology is the study of social behavior. It is fun to do research on this topic as there are unlimited fascinating areas to explore. If you are looking for some interesting term topics on Social Psychology, check out the list below-

  1. How implicit attitudes affect the communication process? Discuss the gestures, facial expression, non verbal signals and their thought process that others feel. Can these gestures easily be demonstrated by a common man? Describe complicated behavior patterns too. You can discuss Milgram’s obedience experiment citing some good examples.
  2. People’s response through non verbal communication when not satisfied with verbal behavior. Give examples in terms of facial expressions, tone of voice etc.
  3. People expertise in telling lies: Discuss some of the experiments carried out by participants when they tell a part of the truth to other people concealing rest of the facts about them.
  4. Mental health issue: Tackle one of the critical mental health cases of prisoners. Discuss the role of various psychologists while military interrogations.
  5. Profile of renowned psychologists: Select the list of popular psychologists and write about them. Discuss their theories, origination of such theories in their mind and psychology as their career.
  6. Discuss a popular experiment of a great psychologist. You can discuss Milgram obedience experiment or the Stanford Prison experiment dealing with the field of classic psychology.
  7. How persuasion is employed to deal with varied types of cognitive techniques? How affective technique is different from it. Collect some print advertisements and use persuasive techniques on them.
  8. How social psychology theory can be implemented in a real life situation. Ensure that the story is interesting and supports a theory. Assess the theory and find out some examples that you see around you.
  9. People reaction on violation of norms: Discuss a teacher wearing unusual clothes and students applauding after the classes are over in an inappropriate manner. Discuss people reactions about such students. Also keep a track on your own thought process also.
  10. How social networking is affecting social lives? Is it increasing communication or decreasing it? Carry a research and provide questionnaires to different people to check people’s participation in social networking. Compare this time that they spend on social networking sites to that which they spend with their friends in real world.
  11. Physical appearance impacting people around you. Discuss the case referring people who dress dramatically with those who dress professionally and those who dress up in a conventional manner. Discuss the case as in how they are treated publically and how others respond to such situation. Are their behaviors the connotation of their inside personality.

These are highly interesting term paper topics that can make your research process attention-grabbing.


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