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Recommendations On How To Write An MLA Research Paper Outline

Different colleges and universities in most cases have their own recommended style of writing. Therefore while writing essays or research papers, students are often supposed to adhere by a particular style of writing and failure of which might lead to disqualification of an essay or other academic writing. MLA is one of the commonly used styles of writing in many colleges and call for a number of requirements. Below are important points that you should consider while writing and MLA research paper outline.

Font Size

The recommended standard font for an MLA research paper is 12 point size and Times new Roman. According to MLA guidelines, it is only the first page that should include the MLA format heading. You should therefore ensure your font does not go below or above 12.


MLA general guidelines require that students use double spacing in their essays. The first paragraph should always be indented by half an inch. Some students try to break this rule by increasing the number of spacing in order to have more pages which is very wrong.


The MLA format heading should consist of your name, name of your course instructor, title of your course and date of submitting your paper. Also take note that a title in MLA format is never underlined or capitalized. Only the first and last letters of the title are written in capitals.


Other than the references and the title page, MLA standards require that all pages be numbered in a sequential manner.


This is also an important part in any research paper writing. However, each college or university has its own style of referencing that it prefers. According to the MLA style, the first thing that should start is the name of the author, title of the book or publication, year of publication and the place of publication. Failure to arrange your sources in order might cost you some marks.

Generally, it is not difficult to write an MLA research paper. The problem that many students make is to confuse the requirements in MLA writing with other writing styles. Remember that your course instructor has those guidelines on their fingertips and any mistake you make will reduce your score. You there need to be very keen especially when it comes to referencing your academic work to avoid losing marks so easily.


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