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How to Write an Effective Term Paper Thesis Statement: Guidelines and Examples

The most important part of any paper is the thesis statement. If the statement is weak, the paper will be weak. It requires much clarity and much support. Selecting the main ideas to be included in your sentence should take you time and research. If you do not know how to write one, you would want to view sample sentences. Use the following tips, guidelines, and example advice the next time you must compose this sentence.

Guidelines, Tips, and Examples

  • Watch Your Emotions: you may feel very strongly about a subject, but your main ideas cannot be based merely on emotions. You have to check each idea and make sure there is ample support to prove your point. Emotions are not academic proof.
  • Use a Model: find some models for you to use when you write your own sentence. Tings always go easier when you have an example to follow. Look online or ask your teacher for samples to peruse.
  • Seek Out Your Teacher: go and see your teacher after school. Your teacher is the expert and you would be surprised at how few students go for extra help. A teacher is always impressed and ready to help a student who gives a bit of extra effort.
  • Consider a Writing Coach: if you struggle with writing a strong thesis statement, you many want to hire a coach to help you. You will have to do this dozens of times during your academic career, so you want to master this task.
  • If One Part is Weak: sometimes one idea is weaker than the other ideas, but you still want to include it. If this is the case, place the weaker idea in the middle of the strong concepts. Always start and finish with a strong idea.
  • As You Mature as a Writer: as you mature as a wrier and move into higher-level classes, you will see your thesis statement evolve into a thesis paragraph. It may be several sentences long.
  • Keep Your Old Papers: keep all of your old essays. You may be able to re-sue different parts of the composition in the future and this may save you a lot of time.
  • Fresh Eyes; when it comes time for the finished essay to be proofed, you may want to enlist help. It is always difficult for one to catch his or her own errors. See if you can employ a fresh set of eyes for the job.

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