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Where To Find A Good Example Of A Research Paper Summary

If you’re new to writing research paper summaries, you’ll need to learn how to go about it. Whenever you need to learn how to do something new, it usually helps to study some great examples. But, in order to do that, you need to find those great examples first. Luckily for you, this handy manual will teach you just where to find a brilliant example of a research paper summary.

The Internet

As is so often the case when you’re a student, your first port of call should be the Internet. There are so many useful websites that you can check for decent samples. Try looking on the essay websites, academic writing websites, and even on a few university websites. University websites sometimes have fantastic examples of pieces of writing to help their students, so you may get lucky and find a few. Unfortunately, many of these websites will try to charge you fees to use their samples, but there are quite a few that won’t charge you anything. So, keep an eye out for those websites that offer their content for free.

Books and academic journals

After trying online, you should turn to books and academic journals. A decent academic writing book is very likely to have a few excellent samples that you can study. Academic journals are filled with research papers, so they’ll also have some excellent examples of summaries. And, if you make sure to look at reputable academic journals, you’ll know that the quality of the work will be great. If you have any of these books or journals of your own, you can start by looking through them. If not, borrow some from a friend or go to your local library and look there.

Your lecturer and your tutor

You next stop should be your lecturer and your tutor, if you have one. Make an appointment to see each of them and ask if they happen to have any top quality research paper summary examples for you to have a look at. Be sure to make it clear to them that you only want to use the samples to study the form of the section, or else they may be a bit suspicious of your motives and think you want to plagiarise the work in the samples.

After you’ve collected a few fantastic samples, you can study them and learn to write your own excellent research paper summary.


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