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Selecting A History Topic For A Research Paper: 19 Possible Solutions

All right, so it is time to knuckle down and start writing that history research paper. Congratulations. History is my all-time favorite subject. Just what isn’t there to love about immersing yourself in eras gone by? However, history sprawls an enormous time frame and it is easy to understand why people find themselves overwhelmed when it comes to choosing a topic. Luckily for you, I have come up with 19 possible solutions to help you out:

  1. The history of American Presidential elections. Take a look at how the electoral process has changed over the years. Is the process a democratic one? Or is it flawed?
  2. Pick an American Presidential election and examine the reasons why the President won it. Compare it to the serving British Prime Minister at the time.
  3. The Salem Witch Trials – For a broader context also look at the European witch trials of around the same time. In particular the Spanish and British.
  4. The history of Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. Is it relevant/more relevant now?
  5. Sir Walter Raleigh – Either his poetry or his family and private life
  6. Prohibition in America
  7. Resistance movements in France and Holland – Are they comparable to modern day resistance movements?
  8. The role of women and children during WW2
  9. Technological advances that helped win WW2
  10. Parallels between the evacuation of children during WW2 and the migrant crisis that is affecting Europe today.
  11. The history of art
  12. Ancient Athens and Sparta – Compare and contrast the differences
  13. The life of an iconic ancient leader – for example Julius Caesar.
  14. Ancient funeral rites and mummification – Explore the belief systems that these stemmed from.
  15. The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire – what caused the once mighty empire to crumble?
  16. The American Revolution or French Revolution. Explore the causes and the aftermath.
  17. A history of the British Monarchy – When did the influence of the monarchy begin to wane? Explore iconic monarchs for example King Henry V111 or offer up an overview of the monarchy as a whole
  18. The history of the Special Relationship between America and Britain. Is it really so special? Might anything jeopardize that, or is the relationship so deeply ingrained in the collective psyche that it is shatterproof?
  19. The Fourth Crusade of 1202 – The backdrop and aftermath

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