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A Collection Of Good Government Term Paper Topics To Explore

All high school students study civics. This is a class that describes the structure of the government and the way it works. Civics teachers often ask students to write term papers on some topic related to the government. Although there are many questions that you may try to answer in your work, it’s difficult for most students to come up with good topic ideas for their papers. This article contains a list of interesting suggestions.

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  1. A successful election program.
  2. Investigate in your work what techniques you should use to make more people vote for you during elections. Give real-life examples.

  3. Polling.
  4. Should we rely on polling when it comes to presidential or any other elections? Are there any pitfalls?

  5. Comparison of political parties.
  6. Take the two main political parties of the United States and compare them to each other. What are their differences and similarities?

  7. Voting for third parties.
  8. Sometimes people vote for parties even when they know that they won’t win. What drives voters to behave like this?

  9. The sources of money for political campaigns.
  10. Describe in your term paper what sources usually donate their money for particular political campaigns. What benefit do they get from this?

  11. The media and the government.
  12. Many people call media the fourth branch of the government. Explain this statement in your work. How can the government control people through media?

  13. Campaigns of different candidates.
  14. The political campaigns of candidates from the Senate and the House of Representatives have plenty of differences. Make your analysis and present your findings on this matter.

  15. Term limits and Congress.
  16. Some specialists say that the members of Congress should have term limits. Do your research and raise your arguments for or against this statement.

  17. Congress and voters.
  18. During their political campaigns, candidates make lots of promises to their voters that they don’t fulfill when they become members of Congress. Should something be done about this?

  19. Different ways to use power.
  20. Do your research and present your results on how different presidents have used their executive privilege throughout the history of the United States.

  21. Branches of government.
  22. There are three branches of the U.S. government: legislative, executive, and judicial. Discuss in your paper which branch is the most powerful.

  23. The important rights.
  24. The first amendment to the Constitution guarantees several rights. Do your research and discuss which of these rights are the most important.

You may use any of these topics to write your own paper on American government.


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