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List Of Unique Thesis Topics For Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is highly competitive and is in great demand. A good thesis or dissertation in computer engineering is a sure boost to your CV, ensuring an excellent job prospect. A good presentation is incomplete without an excellent dissertation topic.

Selection of a dissertation topic plays a pivotal role in improving the overall quality of your presentation. Therefore, care should be taken while selecting a topic.

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Do not play safe all the time. Take chances, opt for challenging topics. A unique presentation will earn you the accolades of your supervisor. The following list of unique thesis topics for computer engineering created by DissertationTeam writing professionals will come as a huge relief for the students.

  • How far can the core features of the face be utilized in the successful implementation of the Partial Face Recognition Technique
  • The role of the various web based applications in enhancing and upgrading the insurance and bank services
  • The impact of the Students Attendance Tracker and Management System on various colleges and educational institutions
  • The use of the latest software and web technology in hospital management and its impact in patients well being
  • The effectiveness and advantages of the Intruder Detection system over an Abnormal Internet Sequence
  • The Network Monitoring System can be very effectively utilized for the efficient performance of the Remote Task Executor
  • Use of web applications to auto generate a weekly based timetable in corporate houses and companies
  • A software program to develop a system that generates an automatic safety alarm, ensuring your full protection
  • The use of a computer’s parallel port for hassle free device switching
  • The use of Software applications and programs to device a Traffic Control and Management System
  • What is Particle Swarm Optimization
  • An innovative use of the Web graph to enhance and accelerate the ranking system
  • How can Crypto Acceleration be successfully achieved using minimum resources
  • What is Asynchronous FPGAs and what is its implication
  • The importance of software technology or web application in the success of Virtual shopping
  • The various useful applications of Novel Algorithm Patterns in data processing
  • A quick analysis of the various types of Queuing models and the utility of each model
  • The use of web technology to curb the limitations encountered in ATM Based Broadband ISDNs
  • How does the Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm helps in solving the computational problems

Whatever topic you choose, you must make sure that there are enough sources that you may refer to for information.


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