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How To Write An APA Research Paper: A Checklist For High School

Academic progress is rooted in research and investigation, with countless papers being written, rejected or approved on a yearly basis, it should be no surprise to you that you will be required to write many of these as you advanced through the education process.

While many styles of writing exist, there are specific styles that are used because of various reasons and different institutions often favor a specific one or few. The APA format is widely popular among high schools and it is said to help build a reputation of authenticity to one’s essay. In the following points, I will provide a simple checklist that can be used to aid while writing in the APA style:

  1. Title Page.
  2. When writing a title page or introductory statement one should be wary of the format used for this aspect of the article can set the tone and relevance of the paper. Whatever the topic or subject matter being discussed in the following sections entails, the opening statements should be structured precisely as the paper has been designed for.

  3. Abstract.
  4. Particular sections of the APA research paper can contain alternative theories and ideas that the persons involved may have thought up while conducting the activity. If you are willing to include this aspect of the paper it is good to note that these pieces of engaging ideals are written after the main report is given.

  5. Main body.
    • Hypothesis.
    • The hypothesis usually relates to the primary information given in the introductory sections and the explanation of the hypothesis also usually expands on the ideas stated in the title page.

    • Evidence and discussion.
    • Found here is the record of the types and methods used in the experiment. Stated also are the details of the apparatus, modifications to the initial techniques proposed and other data relevant to similar hypotheses.

    • Conclusion.
    • After the experiment or activity has ended, all the questions posed prior to the undertaking should have an answer and here is where it is recorded. Any suggestions on techniques and tools used can also be placed here. A summary of the discussion held after the activity and a list of all persons involved should also be placed here.

  6. Reference section.
  7. The bibliography and the various forms of indexing is a necessary part of any paper and should be included at the end of the report. Highlighting the different sources and personnel involved in the activity should also be done here.


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