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10 Fun High School Research Paper Topics You Can Handle

Paper coming due soon? You might as well choose a topic you can have some fun with and also has the potential to turn into a really great high school research paper. With so many topic ideas to choose from, where do you start? The following list can get your creative juices flowing. Each research paper topic comes with a brief explanation to help you find a sub-niche to focus in. Remember you don’t want such a broad topic that you can’t hope to cover it thoroughly.

  1. Does being fit keep you healthy? How would being fit be defined, and how far does one have to go to be considered healthy?
  2. What influence does society have on the issue of teenage self-awareness and self-expression?
  3. Is it important to take a holiday at least once yearly? What benefits does this have? How long is an optimal holiday and how far away from home should it be? Are some types of holidays better than others?
  4. Teen sleeping patterns – are teens getting enough of the right kind of sleep? What are the consequences of not enough sleep and how can good sleeping patterns have a positive effect on other areas of a teen’s life?
  5. What is going on with global warming? How dangerous has it become? Are some countries more to blame than others? What can be done right now to halt its progress?
  6. What are the benefits and disadvantages of forcing kids to go to high school? Does finishing high school have distinct advantages as far as a job and career goes?
  7. How can you become a genius? Are there some traits you have to be born with? What can you do to practice being genius? Are certain mental games or studying more prone to create a genius?
  8. Is the creation of social media sites a great thing or is it the beginning of the end of maintaining your personal privacy? What restrictions should teens self-impose? Why?
  9. Which are better for children: small families or large? Are there advantages and disadvantages to both? What are they?
  10. What are the morals that should be in place in regards to cloning? Would it be fun or scary to see another you running around doing strange things? Would people get you mixed up for your clone? What kind of confusion would this cause?

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