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Medieval Literature Research Paper Topics: 20 Great Writing Prompts

Medieval literature is a very interesting subject to study about. Unlike various modern forms of literature, there is a great deal of mediaeval literature that has disappeared over time, which means that we simply don’t have as wide a knowledge about mediaeval literature as we do about other kinds of literature from more recent centuries. However, despite the fact that various stories and poems from that period will have been lost forever, there are still plenty of other aspects of mediaeval literature that we can study in the modern era.

For example, you may wish to study about the literature relating to a certain country during the mediaeval period or, alternatively, you may wish to look at prominent writers from that period of history. In fact, there are numerous different topics that you can use as the basis of any research paper that you need to complete, with a selection of different ideas outlined below.

  1. What can we learn about Scandinavian history from Norse literature from the mediaeval period?
  2. An analysis of religion in mediaeval literature
  3. An analysis of how the English language has developed comparing mediaeval literature with present day writing
  4. What role does the poem Beowulf have in our understanding of Old English literature?
  5. An analysis of the output of various manuscripts relating to mediaeval literature between the eighth century A.D. and the 13th century A.D.
  6. An in-depth study of the life and work of Geoffrey Chaucer
  7. A comparison of mediaeval literature and early mediaeval literature
  8. A comparison of the evolution of different languages from the times of mediaeval literature to the 21st-century
  9. An examination of mediaeval literature and the Romance languages
  10. Poetry of the mediaeval literature era
  11. A study of women’s literature from the mediaeval period
  12. The history of Russian literature during the mediaeval period
  13. What can we learn about the life and times of people in the medieval period through literature from that era
  14. An analysis of the transition between medieval literature and that of the early modern literature of the Renaissance and Baroque eras
  15. The use of Latin in medieval literature
  16. An analysis of 12th century literature
  17. Philosophical and theological literature of the medieval period
  18. A comparison of secular and religious texts from the medieval period
  19. French poetry from the medieval period
  20. Welsh writers from the 13th century

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