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Research Paper Topics On Education: 12 Problems To Investigate

There are many barriers to becoming educated even in modern times. The systems that we operate within are based on the very flawed Prussian model which mass produces graduating pupils at every level. They are not all intended to succeed. In fact, some are clearly meant to fail so that the system continues as it always has.

If you intend to look into this through research consider these points as you decide on a topic to investigate:

What do you think about the system?

There has to be an issue that is particularly important to you. If you were home-schooled you may wonder why this option is not more popular. If you felt discriminated against or witnessed that discrimination against others you might feel like that is a direction you should look into. Let your experiences guide you.

What can you research

The first half of the brainstorming process can be guided by your passion but before you choose the topics for sure, you should know if you have access to the data that your research demands. There are things that school boards know about their students that cannot be revealed to any random researcher off the street. You might be able to get clearance to view that sort of sensitive material but if you are not, your research cannot continue. Find these things out early so you can change directions and still have time to complete your work.

With hose two main points in mind you can begin your brainstorming. From that exercise you can expect to find topics of a similar type to the following:

  1. Mainstreaming vs Special Schools: Has the desire for inclusion undermined the purpose of education?
  2. Should school curriculum be mandated by government?
  3. Has smart technology deadened the desire to engage in rigorous investigation?
  4. Are unconscious biases in educators failing black and Hispanic students?
  5. Should all children be taught a second language at preschool level?
  6. Are children forced to learn too much too soon?
  7. Should the Arts be included among the STEM subjects for special consideration?
  8. Should all subjects be taught as games?
  9. Are modern teaching methods inferior to those of Ancient Rome and Greece?
  10. Is the need for certification making the concept of learning meaningless?
  11. Are transgender students being prevented from achieving their full potential academically by prejudice?
  12. Do single sex schools statistically produce better performing students than their co-ed counterparts?

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