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Composing A Strong Research Paper About Area 51

A research paper is a bulk academic writing project that should be based on a significant exploration of a certain subject and results of earlier research done by other people. It’s especially true when the subject is so mysterious and unexplored as Area 51. If you are into composing a research paper about this object, you need to be especially careful to rely upon information rendered by powerful and trustworthy sources.

Let’s see how such a work should be written.

  1. Define the topic.
  2. Make sure that you have understood the topic correctly and that you need no additional clarification. If you still do, turn to your teacher as soon as possible to waste no time and avoid moving a wrong way.

  3. Look through reference sources.
  4. As soon as Area 51 has attracted a lot of attention since its discovery by the wide audience, there is plenty of the most diverse reference literature dedicated to this subject. Your task is to find the most interesting and reliable ones, study them, analyze the information, and put everything together in your mind or on the paper as an outline or a mind map.

  5. Do the research and collect results.
  6. Make sure that you have chosen proper methods that give the most effective results, and be ready to explain why you have chosen them.

  7. Compose an outline.
  8. Take your time, do some brainstorming to make sure what you know about the Area 51, what you have already found in reference sources and what can be looked up on the Web. Then, compose an outline and mention all the most important paragraphs that you would hate to miss.

  9. Compose an intro.
  10. By the way, you can compose the intro in the end, when the research is done. Still, the intro is normally connected to your thesis statement, and it’s the part that should be determined in the very beginning. Once you have your thesis statement, you have a brief idea of what’s going to be said in your work.

  11. Compose a conclusion.
  12. It’s also recommended to compose a conclusion on the basis of the intro after everything else is done. You need to remember that winning research is mostly the one that has achieved success. That’s why your goals stated in the intro should match the results reached in the end and listed in conclusions. Finally, speak about why it’s so important to explore the subject of Area 51, why you’re going to move in the same direction and study more of it.


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