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Which Are The Main Characteristics Of A Good Research Paper Topic?

A good research paper encompasses a thorough investigation of a certain topic and possible recommendations. Resources such as search engines, encyclopedias, your coursework and instructor, are areas that can easily assist you in developing a paper topic.

Choosing a topic

This may tend to be one of the toughest thing as well as a long selection process you will have to face before writing your paper. Moreover, it is the one that will determine the success of your work. A topic should always arouse your enthusiasm and attitude and should be easily manageable.

Subject at hand

Considering your term paper assignment will act as a guideline when it comes to choosing a relevant heading. If you are not sure on what you are expected to do, it is always good to ask for assistance or further clarifications from the above stated resources.

Scope of your study

Your study area can either have a wide or narrow scope and each has its own pros and cons. If it's too broad, you may have difficulty choosing what and where to get relevant information. If it is too narrow, you may hardly gather a lot of data as you intended.

Qualities of your topic

  • Clarity
  • It should be easy to understand and comprehend. This not only applies to your readers but as well as to you. This will allow you to easily undertake the subject without going out of topic. It should not be ambiguous and must be a pointing arrow of what to expect as you progress.

  • Uses simple language
  • This does not necessarily mean you shouldn't use any complex word, but avoid too much usage of technical words. Remember your readers should be able to understand what your research paper is all about. It should be free from any bias and unethical terminologies.

  • Follows writing rules
  • Whenever a title is written, it is common sense that there are rules you need to follow. It should be easy to distinguish from the rest of the content. You may choose to use a sentence or title case, underline, bold or highlight it.

  • Well explained and phrased
  • This goes hand in hand with clarity however, for easy clarification, you need to properly define and phrase your thoughts. This should also ensure your readers understand that which it is you want to bring across.

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