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How To Come Up With A Good Research Paper Title: Basic Rules To Follow

Specialists never recommend starting a project with thinking over its title. You can have a thousand of working titles that will look brilliant or lame, but the only title comes at the end, when you are through with the writing and can make up a precise idea of what is said in your work.

However, composing a heading is a tough job, and you definitely need several basic rules of coming up with a winning title to your work.

  1. Never shun assistance of teachers.
  2. If you need a great heading for your research paper, turn to your teacher for some professional help. It’s not necessary that you choose one of those ideas that your teacher suggests. At least, you will have samples of headings that will inspire you to create something on your own.

  3. Try searching on the Web.
  4. The Internet can offer you a range of websites that contain numerous title ideas and practical recommendations on how to create an amazing heading for your paper. You can either use those suggestions or take them as samples of a high quality.

  5. Think about the main idea of your research.
  6. A good title sums up the whole idea and goal of your project. It allows readers to know what they will find inside before they open the first page. Determine the key thoughts within your project and the way they correlate.

  7. Count the words.
  8. A good heading consists of ten to twelve words. Everything that exceeds this limit is hard to read and understand. Try hard to convey the main thought of your work within the twelve words, otherwise your project will be thrown to trash.

  9. Leave the words that convey some sense.
  10. It’s important to leave only those words that are able to convey the sense and get rid of useless stuff. For example, if you are researching the effect of light of different colors on the amount of oxygen plants are able to produce, cut everything that is useless and leave only “How colored light affects the amount of oxygen produced by plants” or something like that.

  11. Remember about the style.
  12. Though academic paper headings are quite formal, there is no need to make them dull and dry. You still can preserve your own style, the one that can be seen within your work. It will never spoil the impression but, instead, it will give your work some additional charm and attract the attention of readers.


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