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Research Paper Topics On Global Warming: Top 10 Ideas

We know it can be extremely difficult coming up with fresh ideas for a research paper on global warming. You want to choose something original as well as something that is interesting to you. We’ve put this list of 10 ideas together you might find helpful to inspire your own ideas or to use for your assignment. Just take a look…

  1. On the causes of global warming. Consider the greenhouse effect and how this explains what is currently happening in the world. Was the industrial revolution of the 19th century the biggest event triggering global climate change?
  2. On the history of global warming study. When were the effects of global warming first discovered? What have we learned about the factors that lead up to what we are now experience in terms of climate change around the world?
  3. On the surrounding issues of climate change. How does one adapt to the climate changes happening all around the world? Can humans make changes that align with those of climate change?
  4. On the biggest pollution issues. Which companies or products are the biggest polluters today? How does regulation affect the way corporations work in terms of creating a safer product or committing to production methods that are environmentally safe?
  5. On the idea of nuclear pollution. What is nuclear pollution and why does it pose a bigger threat than the kind of pollution created by factories? Do you think nuclear waste will damage the planet’s natural ecosystem?
  6. On the potential changes in the future. What are the biggest threats to the planet’s climate in the future? Can pre-emptive legislature help curb or prevent the effects of the future’s pollution problems?
  7. Human control around climate change. Exactly how much do humans control about the climate? Can humans effectively reverse the effects of pollution or is the damage to great to combat?
  8. On the negative effects of agricultural growth. As agricultural technology has advanced, so too have the negative effects that come with storing facilities and transportation. What are these negative outcomes specifically?
  9. On funding ideas for climate change. One of the biggest concerns about climate change initiatives is that they are expensive. What can be done to encourage more laws to pass despite the high cost?
  10. On developing new technologies. What do first world countries need to do in order to develop technologies to help combat global climate change?

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