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How To Write A Good Thesis Statement For A Term Paper: Tried And True Tactics

A thesis statement is a part of an academic paper that often causes the majority of problems to students. It’s always quite hard to compose a phrase that makes your dissertation sound strong and interesting to readers. There are several tried and true tactics to compose a good thesis statement for a term paper, featured on Thesis Geek blog, and you can use them in case you have problems with this part of the task.

  1. Choose a topic that is interesting to you.
  2. You should not ignore the matter of your own interest in the topic of your term paper. Depending on the topic, you will have more or less trouble with the very process of writing, involving the thesis statement. Explore the subject and find out the precise goal of your research, its importance, and the aspect that is in your focus. Always remember about your audience. Depending on the readers, compose a phrase that will be clear for them without additional explanation.

  3. Know what it is.
  4. Without knowing what you are writing, you will hardly succeed. You need to remember that the thesis statement you are writing is a kind of a roadmap that shows your readers what they can find in your work. In a nutshell, it’s an answer to the question like “What is it all about?” It’s usually located at the end of the introduction to your term paper, and the majority of people are very likely to look for it in this part. However, depending on the length of your intro, you can shift its location closer to the middle of this part, in order to avoid leaving your readers bored.

  5. Compose it properly.
  6. Keep the thesis statement related to a narrow sphere of the researched topic. For example, if your term paper is researching the Civil War and Abolition, a good thesis statement can be like “In the Civil War, the North fought for moral while the South wanted to preserve their traditions and lifestyle”. It’s very important to keep it quite short, within one or two phrases. Remember about the precise structure that consists of two parts: the topic of your term paper and the description of what you are going to say in it. Always have a working sample before you come up with the final version. It will help you check out whether you keep on moving in the right direction, matching the way things go in your term paper.


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