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7 Ingredients Of An Effective Research Paper Introduction

When writing a research paper there are various sections that you will need to produce content for. For example, one of the first sections in your paper will be the introduction. In order to understand how to write an introduction, the following provides seven things to consider when creating this part of your essay.

  1. Introduce the topic
  2. One of the first things that you will need to do when writing your introduction is to introduce the topic that you will be discussing. Essentially, you want the reader to know as soon as possible what it is that you will be writing about.

  3. Introduce the primary question or focus of your work
  4. As well as introducing the general topic that you will be discussing, you should include details of the primary question or focus of your work. For example, it may be that you need to include a hypothesis as part of your essay, particularly if studying a scientific subject.

  5. Suggest any secondary questions you may wish to answer
  6. As well as the primary questions that you may be intending to answer as part of your paper, you should also include details of any secondary questions that you hope to find out more about.

  7. Use a thesis statement
  8. A useful way of including any information about the primary and secondary questions that you wish to ask, as well as any hypothesis that you may use, is to include a thesis statement in your introduction.

  9. Refer to other studies or literature
  10. To explain why it is that you have chosen to research and write about the topic that you have based your paper on, it can be a good idea to refer to other studies or any relevant literature relating to the topic that you will be writing about.

  11. Indicate a point of view that you wish to take, where necessary
  12. If you are writing an argumentative paper or any form of essay way you need to take particular point of view, then it is a good idea to indicate the stance that you will be taking, so that the reader will be aware of this from the beginning.

  13. Check the work thoroughly at the end
  14. Finally, once you have written the introduction, and you are happy with how it sounds, you will need to check over the work to ensure that it is entirely accurate, which includes proofreading to ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes.


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