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How To Select Powerful Research Paper Topics In The Nursing Field

Nursing is an interesting field of medical sciences. It is more than a science actually, because it develops on the concept of healing through emotions and affiliations rather than medication alone. You can find tons of areas worth talking about if you are pursuing your degree in nursing. You will find certain aspects that need attention and certain trends that need a specific and logical explanation. If you dig deep, you will be able to find something so powerful that it will motivate and inspire you to write about it. However, remember that choosing a topic is a lengthy process and it will definitely take longer than you anticipated. If you want to create a winning paper, you should take your time, do your research, and follow a plan

Here is a list of steps to take if you want to choose a strong research paper topic in nursing

  1. Find your voice
  2. The first thing you should be able to find is the voice you will develop on this paper. You can develop your stance depending upon your opinions and ideas. Try to find something that you always wanted to talk about in the subject. You can address an issue that bothers you and try to find the answer for your readers and yourself. A good understanding of the subject will help you develop your own unique voice

  3. Identify a problem
  4. Find the problem that you want to address in your paper. This is critical because you should have one basic concern that you will address in the rest of your paper. Choose a problem area that you want to talk about and show its significance to your readers

  5. Brainstorm for a solution
  6. After you develop your stance and identify a problem to address, you should move forward with finding a solution to this problem. You can brainstorm to find fresh ideas and look at the problem with different aspects

  7. Find the weak points
  8. You should be able to find the areas that you are lacking in this filed. Even though you have the problem and its solution, it is now time to look at the gaps in this area

  9. Research for relevant evidence
  10. Create a rough topic
  11. Find a hook to engage your readers
  12. Edit and rephrase
  13. Write the final topic

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