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Writing An Academic Research Paper: No-Fail Strategies

There are no magical secrets or shortcuts of writing an academic research papers. Following are some no-fail strategies that help you to finish your dissertation on time -

  1. Prioritize your writing. Write everyday and do not compromise with this aspect in your day to day routine. It will assist you with your organizational skills.
  2. Sit firmly on your chair sticking your butts to it. A quiet distraction free atmosphere will augment your speed of writing with a positive thought flow process.
  3. Turn your phone to silent and use internet only for research purpose.
  4. Take a short break of 10 minutes after every 50 minutes of writing. Ensure your writing periods are uninterrupted. Implement this strategy for at least 4 hours daily for 5 days a week to accomplish your academic research paper writing on time without compromising with the quality of work.
  5. Writing is closely related with the thinking process. Unless and until you pen down your brilliant thoughts, you will not get the desired structure. It is mandatory that you stay committed.
  6. No matter what is the expertise of your writing; procrastination, anxiety, distraction and proper integration of theory with evidence are some of the common technical and emotional concerns faced by a common man. The trick is to face them and solve your issues there and then. In order to chase your dreams you have to be very regular and precise in your tasks.
  7. Staying away from all the negative feelings surmounting on your head is among the most traumatic phases of writing. Remember, good days will encourage you to figure out the main points whereas the bad days will make you use more of backspace and delete keys making you fail to start your job. Ensure that you are very comfortable even with most uncomfortable situations. Writing most traumatic drafts, arranging gargantuan sum of data and summing them based on the theoretical concepts will be part of your job.
  8. Do not play the blame game. It will not help.
  9. Be prepared for a variety of failures. Some are preventable while others are complex, deal with them intelligently.
  10. Create a learning environment and see how great leaders stay psychologically safe.
  11. Entertain all those who come up with bad news, tricky questions and concerns as they will help in minimizing the future issues.

Always remember, professional writers are not made in one day, in fact they have organized their drafts several times making their pages interesting being honest. Shift your thinking process from the track of graduate student to a PhD student and enjoy a prolific career.


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