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20 Interesting Topics For Writing A US History Research Paper

Research paper topics are quite important things. You have to be very sure about what you are choosing to write upon. You cannot just choose any topic that you like. It should meet with some criteria like it should have a lot to talk about and should have a lot of future potential on your academic career. You must always choose a topic that is interesting and unique so that the people love it and your paper is the best in your class.

20 interesting US history research paper questions:

  1. What is the relation of Native American religion to its environment? How do you explain it?
  2. What was the impact of European civilization on the Native Americans?
  3. What theories are there to explain the lost colony of Roanoke?
  4. What ideas do you have about the Salem Witch trials?
  5. Role of women in the colonization of America and the concept of “republican mother”.
  6. Key cause of American Revolution? The role of Thomas Paine’s in that.
  7. What were the factors that contributed to the victory of Americans in American Revolution?
  8. What were the remedies that the United State Government made on the“weakness of article of Confederation”. How did they do it?
  9. The aristocracy and the democracy in American civilizational.
  10. The debate between The Federalist and the Anti-Federalist and the outcome of the debate?
  11. What do you think led to cause of the staring of the Whiskey revolution?
  12. The impact of the case of MarburyVs Madison on the American judiciary system.
  13. What were the goal and the methods of the Utopian civilizations and how did they affect the mentality of the person?
  14. What was the reason behind the Indian removal act and how did it lead to great mass uprising?
  15. What do you think initiated the Mexican War and why is there still a cold relationship between US and the Mexico?
  16. Do you think United States of America has a great impact on the extension of the impact of western culture on the other civilizations?
  17. In the Oregon trial why there was a strong motivation amongst the people to move to the west?
  18. Mormons and the oppositions they faced at Illinois? What motivations led them to Utah?
  19. What do you know about the term Gold Rush and how did it affect the state of California?

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