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How To Find A Winning Medical Topic For A Research Paper

If you’re about to write a research paper in medical studies and are free to choose any topic, pick up something up-to-date. Many subjects have been studied hundreds of times, so it’s advisable to look for a unique and interesting research issue. The following tips will help you make the right choice.

  • Look through your course material.
  • Look over your lecture notes, textbooks, and term papers. There must be some topics that you really enjoyed and would like to study closer. Probably, you discussed some current issues that haven’t been widely investigated during your seminars. You can develop one of those issues in your research paper. Also, always choose the area in which you have good basic knowledge.

  • Brainstorm.
  • Start thinking about the areas of medicine or interesting topics that you’d like to study. Jot down every idea that comes to your mind. Having your ideas in writing can be very effective because in the long run you’ll get a list from which you can choose the most involving subject. Moreover, when you choose a particular subject it may turn out to be very broad. Your next step should be to brainstorm some possible narrow directions and write them down for further pondering.

  • Search on the Internet.
  • There are different resources on the Web where you can find some good ideas for your project. The elementary thing to do is to use your search engine that will get you the links to different medical websites, articles, documentaries, interviews, etc. Take notes while reading certain articles or watching a documentary. Later, you can cite some interesting facts from those sources.

  • Check academic databases.
  • Search for inspiration in the library databases. They are organized according to the subject matter of publications, so they are easy to use. Find out what the latest studies were, which problems they concerned, and what issues invite further investigation. While searching a database you can set up the date limits to get more recent publications.

  • Follow the latest news.
  • TV news and magazine articles are constantly reporting recent breakthroughs in medicine. Watch some programs and read some scientific magazines that cover current events in the field. They can generate some ideas for your research.

  • Ask your instructor.
  • You can ask your professor or advisor for help. They are experts in the field who keep up with the contemporary medical issues and can assist you in your choice. Moreover, they can advise you on specific literature for developing your topic.


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