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Guidelines For Writing A Research Paper Proposal In The Mla Style

Students who study arts and humanities are often asked to submit their academic writing in the MLA style. This style is a set of rules and guidelines for structuring, writing, and formatting research papers and reports. If you need to prepare a research paper proposal, you should learn the MLA formatting basics and follow them carefully, or pay someone to write my research paper online. The guidelines below provide important information about how to write a proposal for a research paper correctly:

  1. Start with a strong introduction.
  2. Describe the background of the paper, establish the study framework, and divide this section into a few subsections if you need to write about several different ideas. Make sure that you grab the attention of the audience and outline whether your research is quantitative or qualitative.

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  3. Establish a problem statement.
  4. Explain what approach you’re going to use and why, describe the problem that you intend to address, and answer the question why your study is important and worth the effort. Keep in mind that you should be specific and write about the problem as it’s related to your research topic.

  5. Determine the main purpose of your research.
  6. Provide a reasonable explanation why your study should be done, formulate your working hypothesis, and state the questions you want to answer. This section should be brief and clearly indicate the purpose of your writing.

  7. Write a literature review.
  8. Do a literature study, discuss the information written about the problem, mention controversial issues related to the study subject, and list the sources that you’ll use in order to prepare your paper.

  9. Present your testing hypothesis in detail.
  10. Disclosure your testing hypothesis in this section, provide important details that might help and on the contrary create difficulties for your work, and write briefly what testable theories can support your hypothesis.

  11. Provide a set of methods and approaches.
  12. Choose key methods and theoretical approaches that will help you prove your hypothesis and achieve the purpose of research. Pay special attention to parameters and indicators that you need to analyze and mention where you can get the materials that you need.

  13. Determine the limitations.
  14. List the methodology limitations that might influence reliability of your study. If you aren’t sure whether you can get enough data for analysis, you should write about it.

  15. Prepare a list of references.
  16. Make sure to format all the reference materials in the MLA style in a works cited section.


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