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A List Of Original Biology Term Paper Topics For High School

Your teacher asked you to write a biology term paper and the main goal is to choose an original topic. Sounds lile a very simple task, however, many students can find themselves staring on a blank piece of paper with no ideas. Why does it happen? Mostly because, it is difficult to choose something original especially if so many topics have been already used. However, don't be afraid to pick up a banal topic, as soon as you are interested in it. If the author is intrigued by what he is writing about, the readers will be too. Below, you will find a list of interesting topics which can be transformed into quite original once.

  1. Genetics or social pressure – the cause of homosexuality. A rather controversial topic and quite actual for nowadays, considering the amount of arguments around people with other sexual orientation. You will find plenty of information as there have been made plenty of research concerning LGBT. Scientists all around the world are looking for a special gene that is responsible for the homosexuality, and you can include some of their investigations in your term paper.
  2. Genetics against excess weight. You can investigate about the reasons of human's obesity, write about the modern research about the obesity genes, and cause of excess weight.
  3. Plague of the 21 century – facts and myths about HIV/AIDS. Even though there are thousands of articles, research papers and even dissertation about this topic, HIV/AIDS is still a very interesting theme to write about. Write about the latest achievements in HIV treatment, if some success has been already made and what actions should be done to prevent this epidemics.
  4. What is the aftermath of using birth control pills on women's body? A very intimate topic and there are many debates concerning the influence of those pills on women health and their menstruation period. You can also include the latest statistics that shows the effect of birth control pills on the fertility and what are the upsides and downsides of using them.
  5. Truth or myth – the reality of hypnosis. This could be a very intriguing topic for your future readers. Try to figure out I hypnosis really exists and what are the hazards of using it. Research about hypnosis from the biological point of view, what processes of human body are involved, what are the positive sides of using hypnosis séances etc.

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