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Research Paper Writing Instructions: How To Make References Using The Apa Format

Research paper writing is very meticulous and cannot find its true colors without proper inspirations. You are not the first man in the world and cannot be wholly original; you have to take seeds of ideas from other sources.

A fulsome outlook

PA style format not only renders a fulsome outlook to your entire research paper, it also does justice to the reference page. This is also a surefire way to assert that the work is not plagiarized. The reference page has mentions already cited in the research page and the citation and references are properly aligned.

    Here are salient details behind how to create the reference page of the research work –
  • You need to center the Title as well as the word reference (double-space between them) and then start the work again after a double space.
  • The author’s last name is succeeded by his first and middle name initials. If there are more authors of a single work, you have to mention each author in similar manner punctuated by a comma.
  • The name is followed by the Year and Date of work within parentheses.
  • This is then followed by the Title of the work; the magazine or journal it appeared in (the name would be in Italics) and lastly by the referred pages. If the pages are single, you just need to mention them singly in parentheses. However, if there are a number of serial pages referred, you need to put a hyphen between the first and last pages of the reference made.
  • The Title has to be left flush but in case the successive details take other line/s, you need to indent them by half an inch.
  • In case you have derived information from an online source, you need to mention ‘retrieved from’ followed by the site URL. Such a reference comes last, after you have mentioned other references relevant to the citation in the research pages.
  • In case you take reference from newspaper article, you have to mention the article writer’s name (in the mentioned way) followed by the year and date of publication in parentheses. This is followed by the pages the article took, symbolized by letters pp. However, if the article took a single page, only a single p will apply. The page numbers won’t come in parentheses.

It is gentlemanly to make the references, because not only accredit your research paper with this gesture; you also pay the necessary gratitude to those who helped in your elaborate work.


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