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List Of Unique Research Paper Topics On Obesity Surgery

There is a difference between being overweight and being obese. Obesity is when the body mass to weight equation is more than what it should be. People have been indulging in Obesity surgery to tackle their weight problems. These surgeries are not very risky but doctors do suggest to take a natural route before they opt for the surgery. Students pursuing graduation in obesity surgery or PhD. Students have to write a research paper on it. Given the plethora of choices one has it becomes difficult to choose a correct topic. But the choices have to be closely monitored.

It is recommended to a student to read few unique papers to find out the hidden uses of the surgery which the field offers. These papers can be difficult to find since they cater to a niche audience or rather few people take interest in these kind of research. The general research papers focus on surgical theories and finding under normal controllable conditions. But there are few papers which are focus on areas which are still not explored much.

Few unique topics are:

  1. Is child obesity real?
  2. Child obesity and digital world.
  3. Does obesity surgery improve mental condition?
  4. Does obesity surgery improve blood circulation?
  5. Does obesity surgery changes the mood of a person.
  6. Obesity surgery or skin reduction
  7. Obesity surgery does not reduce weight
  8. Obesity surgery damages the immune system
  9. Obesity surgery in children
  10. Obesity surgery for diabetic patients.
  11. Obesity surgery for non-obese people.
  12. Physical appearance and obesity surgery.
  13. Obesity surgery the next pseudo cosmetic surgery
  14. Obesity surgery for animals.
  15. Obesity surgery for people with low muscle growth rate.
  16. Sleep anea and obesity surgery.
  17. Does one has to opt for an obesity surgery even if he is obese
  18. When does obesity surgery become important?
  19. Diet food may also cause obesity leading to treatment through surgery.
  20. To lose weight fast opt for obesity surgery
  21. Obesity surgery reduces cancer risk

The above are only a few samples on which a student can find information online and continue his projects. There are many more such different topics to ponder upon. It is upon the student to continue with an existing research and improve it or write another one by being inspired from it. Since these topics have not been explored to a large extent it is advisable to continue with the research in the same direction.


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