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7-Page Research Paper Topics You Should Investigate

Students in post graduate classes get to prepare lengthy papers; often reaching up to 40-50 pages. The dissertation is generally in the range of 80-100 pages and exerts the students to their limits. Yet, often these students are made to labor on slightly less cumbersome topics.

The legitimate demand

Here, the demand is more logical; you have to complete 6-7 pages of the research paper but keep all the essential points intact. Yes, your methodology will be succinct; and logics will quickly be schemed out. You will not have to extend the segments to extraordinary limits.

You may pick these 7 page topics in each subject; there is just one cornerstone. The topical theme should not be too broad and there should not too many streams of enquiries open. In any case, you can always manipulate the paper according to the size.

A systemic enquiry

You need to find out everything about the topic without going too deep. You have to purge it off its grooves and give it definite directions. You may choose to trace the origins or reasons of an entity’s prominence.

It is somewhat essential to pick topics of interest so that you can structure them in a nice way. It becomes convenient to progress sequentially and lay emphasis on 3-4 emphatic points. Otherwise you may deviate into matters that do not merit startling mention.

Objectivity and crispness

However long the paper is; the logic holds that you cannot play daddy to it. You need to remain impartial to its tenets; otherwise the objectivity will lose its edge. You also need to ensure that the paper remains crisp and compact throughout.

Here are 10 intriguing topics on which you can prepare 7 page research papers

  1. Finding about the structural integrity and architectural tenets of Konark Temple, Odisha, India
  2. Getting a grasp over Ayurveda and analysing how the alternative therapy works so wonderfully
  3. Checking out the creative founts and urges for writers of the Victorian Era
  4. Exploring into the Anglo-Saxon conquest and driving analogies with today’s times
  5. Deciphering the tricks that Dynamo the Magician plays
  6. Comparing and contrasting the different movies made by Christopher Nolan
  7. Assessing salient points behind good health
  8. Dissecting the Brazilian economy: How it manages to hold a formidable position on a global level
  9. Checking out the sustainability and potency of 3D printing
  10. Scheming out why and how the virtues like honesty and truth came into existence

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